Agile transformation is banking's
biggest leadership challenge yet

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Achieving business agility transformation objectives

Changing bad news...

Clients wait too long to get features 
Nothing works properly first time
IT is too expensive, business dont get it 
IT staff are tired and frustrated
Competitors are taking talented and experienced engineers 

into 2X performance!

Predictable and agile delivery 
Capacity and demand visible to everyone
Continuous improvement including automation
Clear prioritisation and delivery responsibilities 
Attract, retain, and develop talented managers and teams
Business agility as a partnership with technology
Keeping it simple

Developing leadership at every level


> Motivate people to do what's right

Simon Sinek is right when he says "start with WHY." If people understand why combining change and run matters, or why defining milestones as testable outcomes is crucial, they can get on with it.

Without understanding WHY, people must await instructions. Then, do whatever they are told because they have no means of validating the ask. 

This approach does not scale for knowledge work.

> Connect action with strategy 

Once everyone knows WHY, they need to understand WHAT outcomes they will deliver. You can test understanding by inviting people to explain back to you. 

Checking for proper understanding exposes assumptions early.

Outcomes are shared between the sponsors of the work, the owners of the problem, and the members of the team that will design and deliver the solution. They aren't job tickets, thrown over the fence to IT. 

> Scale by self-organisation 

Whilst management fully owns the WHY and the WHAT, knowledge workers must become responsible and accountable for HOW the work is done.  

Successful managers are "leader coaches", not problem-solvers and controllers.

They have learned HOW to trust their teams. Often, by collaborating widely, learning, and supporting people's drive to improve.
Maintaining Predictable and Agile Delivery

Service offerings

Designing agile transformation 

Designing and leading your agile transformation

Coaching and mentoring

Supporting your agile ambitions and objectives

Agile leader development

Training and developing leaders and managers
Improving outcomes by listening to feedback


"I wasn't comfortable asking for feedback at first and assumed colleagues would feel the same. Now that I'm checking assumptions, clarifying understanding, and confirming outcomes, I'm getting positive feedback, even without asking."
“Russ has really helped me focus and remain focused on my future goals. He facilitates and guides me in a way that emphasises my ownership of my goals and direction of travel. Before starting these sessions, I had plenty of ideas but was terrible at executing them. Having someone to discuss things with and get guidance from is hugely beneficial to me.”


“It’s actually quite straightforward. You’ve helped us see the wood for the trees, focussed on what is important and helped to bring simplicity and clarity.

You have helped us a great deal and we have both developed hugely under your tutelage and the business has too.“

WM & JL - Co-founders

“Russ has a coaching style which is sympathetic and supportive and he was able to push me into potentially sensitive areas of self-reflection but ensuring my consent.

The sessions have been very valuable in providing me with insights into my management approach and helped me develop more a confident leadership approach.”

FH - Director


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