Let’s open the door to infinite possibility.

Magic, value and business development awaits.

As a learner, there’s so much I have yet to learn, even about myself, whom I thought I knew.

For example, it took me forty years to rediscover my emotions. As I became aware of them, I began to see how it was sometimes they, not me, that was in charge.

As a servant, I’m energised by serving a cause.

That’s often supporting a leader as they develop themselves and their department.

A consultant…I run Storm-Consulting, an IT management consulting practice that helps organizations improve their Business Agility. This approach to Agile involves co-creating ways of working that are 3x more effective.

A coach for transformation leaders…I coach managers, supporting executives and leaders as they agilise their business areas. Digital transformation and senior Agile sponsors must be able to ‘walk the walk’ of The Agiliser not just talk about it. Coaching is done in strict confidence.

A provider for Agile Delivery for managers

Many of the tools and techniques I’ve developed to help managers transition to Lean Agile ways of working are available on the Agile-Delivery website, including:

• The Chalice Model of value delivery (unpublished article, 2018)

Predictable and Agile Delivery (InfoQ article, 2016)

• The Manager Role for Enterprise Agility (Agile 2016 conference video)

• Role of the Manager (Research and workshops, 2015)

• Early Stage Deliverables (2012)

Last, but certainly not least, a researcher.

Although I’m mostly hands-on, I became interested in the academic approach whilst researching literature for my Master’s degree. My academic contributions to Agile and Agile Coaching literate include:

• Agile Coaching; oxymoron or impactful profession? (Doctoral research, starting 2020)

• Thesis: Improving Organisational Agility (Staffs, 2017)