Russ Lewis The Agiliser

Helping clients achieve 2X performance increase, or more

On a mission to help improve the workplace
Often, that's serving leaders, managers, and teams as they develop the skills of agile. Including: leadership at all levels; outcome-led, data-informed, and customer-first decision-making; self-awareness; creating clarity; and radical inclusivity. 
Coaching is confidential and conducted according to strict professional ethics


Connecting people strategically and people with insights


Clarifying problems and defining testable outcomes up-front


Taking collaboration to a whole new level, competitive advantage


'Walking the walk' through feedback and self-awareness

My Skills

I'm both a technical and business expert. Independent and collaborative,
servant-first leader helping others shine. 

C# Language Specification 5.0 Installed with Visual Studio 2012

The Definitive C# Document The C# language specification document has always been an excellent (and free) resource, useful for learning the language and supporting it. It’s well-written with clear examples and includes some of the…

This is Agile Project Management, and it’s not about software

Agile is only for Small Software Projects - Myth Busted! Joe Justice tells the story of how he applied Agile (Lean and Scrum) project management techniques to achieve the impossible. When the audience realises that he is…

British Pub Menu Notation (Funny BPMN) BA Humour

Having fun on the Intro to Business Analysis course We had attendees from “the Nordics” (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), Switzerland, Middle East, Africa and the UK. Everyone was happy to contribute and participate, so everything fell…

UML / BPMN Reference Charts

When I teach BPMN I like to hand out this poster BPMN-2 Poster as reference. I particularly like the way the “Berliner BPM-Offensive” describes the use of the gateways: When splitting…. When joining… You can get the original,…
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