May 3, 2018
Uncle Bob Martin challenges software industry to Grow-up

The State of Software talk by Robert C. Martin London, UK 1st May 2018 at Skills Matter, for Scrum Event Agile Manifesto author and software expert Robert Martin asks if it is time for us to take responsibility for our work? Can we admit that Agile hasn’t worked? Will we sit at the adults’ table […]

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July 20, 2015
Scrum in Large Organisations: Are you LOST?

Scrum was never intended for large organisations but those are the places it's being used. People doing it often seem quite lost, hence the need for a simple guide to surviving Scrum in large organisations. With tongue firmly placed in my cheek, I suggest it be called LOST: the Large Organisation Survival Guide To Scrum! […]

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February 18, 2015
In an Agile Lean World, do we need Phase Gates?

Everyone wants to meet project deadlines in a timely fashion, no matter whether they’re using Agile or Waterfall methods Is this as another Agile vs Waterfall face-off? I was at a briefing session last week on developing a product portfolio. Aimed at an audience of SMEs, someone asked how long might elapse between a new […]

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February 3, 2015
Agile Legal Contracts: an Oxymoron?

Are the words Agile and Contract even compatible? The goal of Agile is delivering value when detailed long-term planning either isn’t useful or possible. There are recent signs of change however. The UK government is looking into contracts that make agile possible, the US has guidance on modular contracting and the flexible contract template seeks […]

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January 13, 2015
What Increases Project Risk?

Agile or Waterfall, Ignore Project Risk at your Peril This question got Project Managers (not agile PMs by the way) rather fired-up recently. Their answers help reveal the extent of the underlying problem. Of 105 replies, the collective opinion on factors that increase project risk was: Anything that’s new or unknown: stakeholders, team, methodology, tools […]

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January 6, 2015
Believe Me, I’m Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Research of agile process improvement honours the management gurus of the 50s and 60s The phrase ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ appears in bold green lettering every time I do any ‘proper’ research. Google has turned Isaac Newton’s 17th century quip into friendly advice on its academic search page. The research is towards a […]

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June 18, 2014
Developing Skills the Agile Way

Development Occurs over Time, not on a Training Course During our many combined years as trainers with Learning Tree International, the average instructor grade exceeded 3.8 of a possible 4.0. Attendees loved the training, and provided fantastic testimonials. But that doesn't mean they used what we taught them, or that they improved because of the […]

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May 29, 2014
Is Faster Always Better for Process Improvement?

  We all know the old adage – if a man who’s bad at DIY is given an electric drill then all he will achieve that day is drilling more holes in the wrong places – process improvement just doing the wrong thing better? When I started as an engineer I used to program using […]

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The Future of Agile Leadership

Introduction The future of leadership is Agile There are many different types of leadership styles and not all work well in every situation. The most popular method, the "Command and Control" style which has been…

Business Agility Leadership Coaching (BALC) at HSBC

Business Agility Leadership Coaching (BALC) emerged as a consequence of asking leaders and managers across HSBC how they wanted to improve their agile leadership. Our proposed solution hit a sweet spot because we were 100%…

What does focussing on culture mean to XYZ Consulting?

We have some mid-tier consultants in at the moment who are "focussing on culture." Since we don't separate culture from delivering value to customers, I asked what that meant in practice. Apparently: "A generic scheme…

Visualising Progress using the Stand-up Game

We had a (brief) discussion about tracking progress as a team. I reacted against Jira because a) I dislike the user interface as it's a collaboration killer, and b) we aren't a software development or…
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