June 5, 2014

Storm Goes G-Cloud

Storm Consulting has been accepted onto the G-Cloud framework. Hang out the bunting and wave the flags!

We are now officially cleared by the UK Government and can now happily pitch for local authority and central Government contracts for training and process improvement.

On a more sombre note however, the G-Cloud framework is not a marketing tool. In many ways it’s no more than a notice board which shows that a company has completed a somewhat arduous task to be accepted by the Government. Essentially, the framework is there to make it easier for local and central Government to buy from suppliers, but the services must be pre-approved and specified in detail, leaving little room for flexibility in delivering a solution to meet specific needs.

Around 1100 companies were successful in getting onto G-Cloud in this fifth round and we would like to congratulate all of them for staying the course, reading the 18 documents, preparing an average of four documents per service, then submitting each online. Our back of the envelope figures suggest that each company have spent some £9,000 on getting onto G-Cloud, representing a total spend of just shy of £10 million But we all have to bear in mind that this is a framework award, not a purchase award.

We’re already had a moan about this (see our story The Agony of Government Procurement)

Many companies like ours will now be wondering if the £9,000 was well spent. Only time will tell.

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